How to Add Hypothesis to Your Website

To add Hypothesis to your website, just add this one line to the HTML source of each page that you want to have the Hypothesis client on:

<script src="" async></script>

Enabling annotation of iframed content

The simplest way to support annotation of iframed content is to add the above script tag to the document displayed in the iframe. This will display the sidebar in the iframe itself.

Additionally Hypothesis has limited support for enabling annotation of iframed content while showing the sidebar in the top-level document. To use this:

  1. Add the above script tag to the top-level document
  2. Do not add the script tag to the iframed documents themselves, the client will do this itself.
  3. Opt iframes into annotation by adding the “enable-annotation” attribute:
<iframe enable-annotation>

This method only works for iframes which are same-origin with the top-level document. The client will watch for new iframes being added to the document and will automatically enable annotation for them.