Building the Docs Locally

The Hypothesis client’s documentation is hosted at The docs are built using This page will show you how to build the docs locally, so you can preview changes to the documentation locally before sending a pull request.

You Will Need

  • Git

  • pyenv

    Follow the instructions in the pyenv README to install it. The Homebrew method works best on macOS.

Clone the Git Repo

If you haven’t already, use git clone to make a local copy of the client repo:

git clone

This will download the code into a client directory in your current working directory. You need to be in the client directory for the remainder of the installation process:

cd client

Build the Docs

make docs

This will build the docs and serve them locally on port 8000. Open http://localhost:8000/ to preview the docs. When you make changes to the files in the docs/ folder the preview will update automatically.

The first time you run make docs it might take a while to start because it might need to install Python, and it’ll need to create a Python virtualenv and install the Python packages needed to build the docs into it.