Manually setting up the Hypothesis client integration

The Hypothesis annotation client needs an OAuth client in order to request access tokens from h. In a development environment this can be set up automatically by running make devdata. If you can’t run make devdata, or if you’re setting up h in a production environment, follow the instructions below to create an OAuth client and configure the Hypothesis client to use it.

  1. Create an OAuth client for the Hypothesis client:

    1. Log in to your h instance as an admin user and go to <YOUR_H_INSTANCE>/admin/oauthclients
    2. Select “Register a new OAuth client”
    3. Choose a name (eg. “Client”) and set the redirect URL to <YOUR_H_INSTANCE>/app.html. Leave the other settings at their default values.
    4. After creating the client make a note of the randomly generated client ID, you’ll need it for the next step.
  2. Set the following environment variables to tell h to configure the Hypothesis client to use the OAuth client you just created:


In a development environment CLIENT_URL would be http://localhost:3001/hypothesis. See CLIENT_URL.